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Monday, October 26, 2015

$3.8 Billion/yr, the new minimum wage, just like Mike Milkin got how many Hundred Million in 1985 when I earned my masters, just like all of the billionaires who got business licenses to start, etc.
 I George A. Crawford III was told my degrees do not matter by so called managers of offices of K.C. area stock broker offices ie merrill lynch, smith barney, painewebber, and they have had me arrested for fiction such as trespassing 10+ times since 1985 when I earned my masters, (punk-fags)... In jail and mental hospitals I was told my degrees do not matter by so called Drs and nurses, (punk-nazis), one in particular, nurse fran stauss, said I am brilliant, I said 'yes', she said 'no one deserves more than $30,000/yr' I laughed, she then said 'I get $40,000/yr' later that week she had me put in jail, (punk-nazis), maybe they are look a likes from KC stock broker offices pretending to be Drs and Nurses, (punk-joke-fags), other social workers said my degrees do not matter, stock ownership does not matter- (punk-joke-nazis), and my so called dad, says, 'don't tell people your degrees' he supposedly has a Harvard Law degree and wharton econ. degree, he has talked how he 'dropped' people who fucked him, he in 83 in 2008.  The punks at the KS topeka securities office said my degrees do not matter, my genius IQ does not matter and they will not give me a license, (fag-punk-jokes)
I think that the above hedge fund manager needs his ACT SAT scores and degrees made public knowledge along with every one else who has a license and the punks who grant licenses or in my case do not, along with judges, etc. who jailed me for nothing. Lets go on prime time TV fag punk jokes............

NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Investigating $4 Billion in Accelerated Merrill Bonuses

1/30/2009 10:46 AM


News recently hit the Street that former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain rushed to hand out year-end bonuses prior to his firm's acquisition by Bank of America(BACsentimentchartoptions), and the report has now attracted the attention of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Bloomberg says that Cuomo may demand the return of $4 billion in bonuses paid out prior to the buyout's completion. The attorney general is also curious to find out how much BAC CEO Kenneth Lewis knew about the accelerated bonuses, and whether he was truly surprised by Merrill's massive $15 billion net loss in the fourth quarter.
According to the report, Cuomo is investigating whether shareholders were properly informed about Merrill's finances, and he's also checking up on the use of federal bailout loans by Bank of America for potential improprieties. The attorney general is specifically looking for possible violations of New York securities laws, which could result in fines.
In the first hour of trading today, BAC is off 2.7%. The Dow component has swallowed a hefty 84.6% loss during the past 52 weeks, and it's hovering near 18-year lows. Despite the stock's dismal performance, there's still plenty of room for more bearish sentiment to build -- BAC's Schaeffer's put/call open interest ratio (SOIR) is 0.53, just 1 percentage point from an annual peak of optimism.

Mental health, creativity link discovered
STOCKHOLM, Sweden (UPI) -- Thinking outside the box -- creativity -- may also be linked to mental illness, researchers in Sweden said.

"We have studied the brain and the dopamine D2 receptors, and have shown that the dopamine system of healthy, highly creative people is similar to that found in people with schizophrenia," Fredrik Ullen of Karolinska Institutet said in a statement.

Ullen said studies show dopamine receptor genes are linked to the capacity for divergent thought.

The study, published in the journal PLoS one, measured the creativity of healthy individuals using psychological tests to determine different solutions to a problem.

"The study shows that highly creative people who did well on the divergent tests had a lower density of D2 receptors in the thalamus -- a part of the brain that serves as a kind of relay center filtering information -- than less creative people," Ullen said. "Schizophrenics are also known to have low D2 density in this part of the brain, suggesting a cause of the link between mental illness and creativity."

Fewer D2 receptors in the thalamus probably means a lower degree of signal filtering, and thus a higher flow of information from the thalamus and this may be behind the ability of healthy highly creative people to see numerous uncommon connections to solve a problem and the bizarre associations found in the mentally ill, Ullen said.