Monday, October 26, 2015

dad was murdered by- ?

the police, a set up, mistaken identity with look a likes, gossips saying he was the look a like, with their look a like dad crap, stole his identity, stole his money, killed him making him as the bad guy because they had the look a like do things, gossips saying it was him, then they set him up, killed him,

similar lies about myself, raping women, molesting, in smith barney and other stockbrokers, lies in court by punks fagits

when I was 16, the gossip took off, he- dad, would not play by the rules, talked of me taking people's stock broker accounts, his, 'take it', how do you take a persons stock broker account assets? fake identity, -it is just a paper- be a man- fight- some thing-'so how do I get paid?' idiots... having the papers with the stock statements?- idiots, how do I cash them out and put cash in my pocket?' idiots...people with working knowledge of the office/company- could do such fraud, but to fight to then actually do it?' - I believe his look a like started that when I was 16, and then murdered him, police maybe, as some gossip was, he said he was scared once, that a guy who looked like him was doing things, he said he had unique hand writing as some try to copy his, that changed after my college, he changed- mafia gossip mimic idiot,  and they wanted to turn me into one of them, never leave the hood of punks, they hated me going on trips to california and hawaii, turn me into their punk  life of lies fraud and murder. ignored in the law and court, reality- so what, no one cares, what are you going to do about it?,  just talked about around the hood to the peoples.... all punks in hell.

or 'snakes' murdered him in a stock broker offices, snakes of another frat, who could also be police, become police to frat war, as some gossip goes

or his law firm people killed him, because he was better than them and they say he did some thing to them, maybe true, into their own trap of crap, or gossip of crap/lies, 'your dad was murdered, you will see how much money his law firm people have who are inferior to him'
or his friends? killed him from his investment group, took him out to their farm, stuck rebar up his ass, because he was an 'ass hole' and they built homes, then stole his identity and made it seem like we were all friends, just a brain wash scam for the children growing up who could not know any different. a whole group of people who have look a likes for groups, as some gossip goes, and frats, frat group look a likes, all a mass of confusion, intentionally then total chaos

or a Beta ceo of sprint wrestled him, broke his legs, and they left him to die crippled in the office and had a party as he watched- stole his money

or / and he started the KC Merrill Lynch office and they killed him after he took their companies public, did what only he could do with his degrees, made them rich, then stole his money and hid their crimes, or he was asked by a girl or frat brother from a local non ranked college how to do something in a stock broker office, he showed them, then after 'they know how to do it' they blind sided him, killed him, a shot to the head, laughed and called him chump, my mom has called me chump lately, tod crm at coldwell banker blind sided me with the sleeper hold in the contract room, asking me for help, lied about his education, as the current reece nichols web site lists it, bud, another realter, has poisened my food I believe, at dads funeral at the country club, with people coming and going, making cracks, and the last time we ate lunch, for 20 years, at my suggestion, to see who he was, showing up, for one reason, the same with other persons, lunch, to see who they are this time.
or a guy at an auto plant made something out of steel, dad said so what, they had a big guy attack dad with their punk group, dad put him down, had him in the sleeper hold, and they hit dad in the back of the head with the steal pipe and killed him, blind siding him from the start with a group of punks in the office - or they were his friends? who hated him, and had to beat him, any way they could

or he was killed, as gossip of many from his country club were killed, because all they did was '....' just educated people who were killed by punks who 'work' and think that entitles them to kill people, they kill their betters, with office jobs and country clubs, they kill their betters in the offices and country clubs among each other, steal their identities, saying 'all they do is, we can do that' 'we don't need degrees to do it, or that degree' 'competition-anything goes' or 'we let engineers kill people' 'your dad was not as smart as some engineers' well many engineers are smarter than most, like myself, and their is plenty of fraud, look a like identity theft involved, crap created to 'just scrub bathrooms with toothbrushes' - so what waste of time and energy, and time and energy put in the trash, ignored not used in reality, because of costs, time, practical, etc. 

Another gossip was people saw my aunt murdered at a stock broker office, they said dad did it, to collect life insurance money, it was a look a like of dad, pretending to be dad to my aunt, and they took pictures if it, a collection of murder pictures, to brag about? the guy who stole his identity which was blatant after college, he was not alone in his efforts, his law partners, some of them, in court against me, some of his friends, hated him, plotted to kill him, and did it. Same type of crap against me, molesting women, assault/battery, a group effort of lies against me in the stock broker offices and court houses, maybe a look a like of myself actually committed crimes, and did it in front of people, who do not know me, to make it look like I did it, and 'so? what are you going to do about it'? so?' see why we have court orders against him- see what he does' pure punk mafia set ups and lies against me by the law, medical punks/look a like identity thieves, everyone is a possible look a like or identity theive, therefore no one can be trusted or believed or relied on, once anything is not right, they are not right, who ever they are, claim to be, are a part of.

there is always some one better in some way than another, some better with lies and fraud or no way to prove it, some better who are damaged along the way by others, I have that experience. what ever reason  any people use to disrespect others, the same will be used against them selves, what goes around comes around, on the streets, maybe the streets over rule the law and courts, maybe sometimes they rightfully should, maybe sometimes it is all lies and crap, so ? Some gossip includes 'I beat a phi' talk of people beating others' I have no idea what punks are yacking about, I have never had an formal competition to 'beat' anyone, with pro contracts, agreements up front, dad was a phi beta, my beta frat, I never beat him at anything in any up front, winner gets paid, etc. the police or others murdered my real father, the idiot stole his identity, and they made it up that I killed him, a 'beat' in their punk gossip world- gossip includes the police murdered him, and made it that I did it, 'in competition' so? 'just a fraternity thing' that is how it is around here, punk mafia-established in the court houses, etc.

maybe one gossip was my natural dad was a farmer, and could not take care of kids and lawyer dad took the kids and mom, as maybe he was messed up and could not have children, or maybe as one gossip goes, he murdered natural dad with mom, for money, and natural dad was just a gm factory worker/engineer w/o any college degrees, but the lawyer degrees had more money and mom and him killed my natural dad, or maybe when they moved when I was in kindergarten he was murdered and they moved out away from the people that knew, or maybe again he was murdered when I was 16 by kids from my hs, their parents had them do it to be 'men' or they had gossip set ups and had their hs frat kill him in a wrestling fight at Merrill lynch, because 'he was a big bad beta wrestler' as police and nazi drs. have called me - and they said he was an investor, and they hated him owing the companies, and killed him, too many gossip stories but they all have some truth credibility, based on my own experience, with police, and the law, mental health nazis

another issue was when I looked myself up on a people search , records web sight, the web site said I had numerous traffic tickets in LA CALF. while I was in college at Purdue- thus impossible, perhaps dad? with the same name, different middle initial, was in calf. acting crazy, like he drove crazy around his hood the year before he no longer could drive, and made up a story of getting plastic surgery in calf.? get a nose job? to look 'pretty' as lawyer think sales people are 'pretty people' - all just the 'look a like murderer' going to calf. and telling people he was getting plastic surgery, to hide his identity theft even more? the issue of what people look like entitling them to benefits, or to commit murders and crimes without punishment was an issue he yacked about, as well as many court and internet records have things about me, that were not me, could be him with the same name. his comments about my nose before he went into die, insults, my uneven nostrils, his even nostrils, old pictures he had uneven nostrils, he was a different person after my college, and idiot, gossip, liar, punk... thus probably a murderer identity thieve as he claimed, and no one believes or listens to me, so all of his friends/lawyers are part of the murder cover up, as some of them act stupid around me, gossip, and rude since 'whoever' died 5 years ago.

or after punks at Merrill lynch blind sided me, arrested me at the plaza, then threatened me on the phone with fake new england accents, I spray painted I own the place, which I did, on 103 and metcalf, 6 months in jail for that? malicious prosecution, decapitate all of them .... and after several rounds in the punk court houses, they invited me to a seminar in the plaza office, when I was in California buying a house. or they begged dad to open an account, he did, they started messing with me, him, when I was 16, he went in to close out his account, trust accounts, they killed him, since he was not going to supply them with any more money, be of no use to them? he was doing something bad against the company? they are punks, doing good or bad for the company?, any thing  -lies-can be created by punks, decapitate all of them. The punks at smith barney did the same thing, arrest me for fiction, raping molesting women, trespassing, then a year or so after, call me up asking for me to open an account. Or was it all set ups by dead dad and the court house as he once claimed, 'they do not even know what is going on' 'smith barney has merrill lynch' he said, or did he start it after the first blind side arrest at merrill lynch on the plaza, when they called me 'video corner' while I was hand cuffed and blind sided by cops, trying to break my arms, video corner was out of my portfolio by then. 
I guess some of the most destructive issues of my life have been gossip, negative crap. true or false, about my family, parents, friends, bad talking others at jobs, during job interviews in college, maybe the intent of scum, to turn me against those I should trust or be with, and killing all trust every where. Creating issues of hate against groups, that are irrelevant to common sense, thus creating anarchy among all, and trust of no one. When no one has trust, credibility, then all gossips of murders, identity theft, become real, impossible to all be real, but in some ways, all real.  This has created my motives since a teen, and my dad, who was no billionaire with his degrees, and what is the difference between any one person and every one else? if he and others disrespect my degrees, they themselves become nothings, as they demonstrate by their homes and wealth, and complete insane crap every where with every one. Motivation to be right, no where. Once people threaten me, over what ever issue, they and the issue become black marks, if it is a company- the company has a black mark, and reinforces act gmat BS MS. When people try to suck me into their 'group' 'company' it is a joke? why? trying to take me away from what I have, create wars in what I have, well wars are 30 years old now, never going away. If it is family, family talking up persons who previously were punks, family is a question, and then ignoring past issues about punks. Owners being talked down, then talked up, in private video corner, etc. who cares, every thing is about ME, and who are they? black marks 4ever, nothings but war, issue/issue, $ issue / $ issue 4ever, person/person, company/company- punks. 


  1. before dad? went into the hospital, the last time, he made a comment about my nose and uneven nostrils, he did not have uneven nostrils, old pictures of him, he did, he talked about 'good looking people get to kill ugly people' he justified all disrespect against me because of my looks, or gpa in college, or I was a frat boy, or a city boy, or anything he could think of to make me feel guilty and others were justified to disrespect me, he was an idiot and insane, indeed probably a murderer identity thieve

    1. when I was a teen, others gossiped abut my dad, mom, their friends, creating 'look a like' issues about everyone, dad lied about so many of his friends, their degrees, etc. he was unbelievable, people started gossiping against my family/group and making me wonder as a teen, now I believe many of it true

    2. the issue of the stock broker offices, where my dad had accounts, people telling me to go to them, others saying my mom and dad can not go into them, some saying they kill people, killed my dad, trying to lure me into them to kill me, or get me to do something for them against my family friends, teachers in school saying things, people 'hating Crawfords' because my dad was a better lawyer than them, and had more money? people gossiping that they try to get me to go places/companies away from my family, to kill me and/or them because of punk jealous hate for their betters, a strategy to destroy.

    3. Purdue finance teacher said 'you will be arrested if you go into stock broker offices' why? because I talked and discussed the stuff he preached? did not just sit there, memorize and regurgitate? call him 'god' like some others, a pure idiot, he said 'you come here just to be around us, find out what we say' no, earn top MS and yes, since a teen, discussions of crap teachers in school, college, some teach crap for their own little consulting businesses, a very true issue, crap from people at work places, crap from teachers, none acceptable, all crap will be openly used by me forever, based on all nazi punk mafia legal disrespect, no one anywhere is right or disrespects me and gets away with it, NO ONE

    4. punk criminals are every where, police/judges/lawyers, teachers in school, stock broker scum, real estate punks, medical, anything not right, I will defend myself and try to destroy

    5. real estate coldwell people said, a broker sent a salesman to an appointment, and he was killed, gossip of people being killed, as a teen at woolworths, stock broker offices, all set ups, being told to go someplace, then blind side murdered? maybe that was dads plan with video corner, telling me to go to merrill lynch, 'you will not like it- you think you are the big man- you will find out' or 'you are stupid, if you do not go there, they will make you a billionaire' or 'they are punks. all they do is.....' after purdue where they said I would be arrested, I told dad? to go with me, he would not, he would not go to frat events, tells me to do things, he himself would not do, after the 1st blind side arrest at merrill lynch, he said, 'they own it and can do what ever they want' he was a punk, telling me he was a stock owner of places, and if ant stock owner dislikes me, they can do anything they want, but my stock ownership does not matter, merrill lynch became private, not part of the company I owned stock in, lies contradictions and mafia insane

  2. punks at merrill lynch and smith barney have had me arrested for trespassing and other fiction numerous times, then they called me and invited me to their office to spend money, like dad did? they owe me trillion$ and need extermination, and identified, in precise details

  3. painewebber and american century/smith barney building called my home with threats, they need their punk asses kicked in public,

  4. the stowers institute boy? identify yourself in public, punks, sign my wrestling contract, like I SAY