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Literal, all issues will be addressed in a professional/respectful manner, or meet with WW3, all issues against myself, my heritage, will be responded to based on significance, and disrespect. Literal.
Nothing is better than something not good enough
the smartest man in the room
rich is defined as at least $1 Billion/yr in pay check, rich people do not work, they play, if you are not rich, then you are poor, put up or shut up. punks mouth off, the dumber they are, the More they mouth off and try to beat by everything but intelligence and education, and what they pull, is really nothing, not professional, punks/boys/games/babies/punks
George Crawford ‎"Man was born to be rich, or inevitably to grow rich, through the use of his faculties." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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George Crawford To learn who rules over you, simply learn who you are not allowed to criticize.
— Voltaire

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
— Goethe
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George Crawford who's crap do you put up with? for how long? are you sure exactly who they are? ----- CRAWFORD
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George Crawford I play golf for fun
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The highest earning hedge fund manager is ...
The 25 top earning hedge fund managers took home $22 billion in 2011. That's dow...See More
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George Crawford I work for money
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America's Highest Paid CEOs
Bosses are again feeling flush, receiving their first bump since 2006. Our top 5...See More
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George Crawford I always hate fagots who put words in my mouth or talk about me, real fagots, they need it done to themselves
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George Crawford ‎"Man was born to be rich, or inevitably to grow rich, through the use of his faculties." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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the questions, 'why did you do that?' 'do you think you are better than me?' have been asked by others to myself my entire life, at jobs, interviews, conducting business, most things I do are based on what comes along my way in life and experiences are logically used to make future decisions. the theories of school vs the realities of life contradict each other many times, can be correct but not able to be capitalized upon, and I always say my real experience is why I went to college, and my real experience made a lot of the classes crap. not only crap ideas from teachers/books, but fraud in the process with grades, for and against certain people, thus the motivation to try, not too high, and the credibility of every thing, non existent. Some of my favorite words/ideas are- owner, precedent, benchmark, credibility, relevance, respect, think.   
George A. Crawford III

To find a challenging position utilizing my education and experience in business in the investments area.  BASED ON EXPERIENCE, send me your education and work experience, I do not waste my time dealing with punks, inferior snots, or anyone not good enough, even then, trust has been breached and precedented non enforceable by the rules, law, so what? punks........ do not waste my time. 

M.S. Management, Strategic Planning, Finance and Marketing, 93% GMAT
Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University, 1985
Ranked as high as any graduate business school in America according to several rankings, no one ranking, poll, class, means everything, and I will apply individual rankings, classes, etc. to any and all issues.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering,
Oklahoma State, University, 1983
(I did something.........................- I THINK)

Kansas Scholar, ACT test, 96% 98% math- SM South HS 1979

Kansas Scholar, ACT test, 96% 98% math- SM South HS 1979

GAC Capital Management, Chairman-Investment Manager 1979-today
denied series 65 license after I passed the test, I had to fight to take the test to start my own company, I was not sponsored by another, the license idiots said my degrees and high test scores do not matter, like they have done at KC area stock broker offices since 1985 when I earned them and had me arrested for fictitious crimes 10+ times such as trespassing. Since precedents have been established of disrespect for my ownership, before college, during, after BS MS that made a lot of classes pure crap,(based on reality of ownership meaning nothing) I want the market rate of pay, 10 $ figures/yr in 2011, pay back and time in jail for every person involved with my jail/mental hospital time for trespassing etc. maximum lock down until the punks are dead. A billion$ for each incident seems reasonable- punks.

Investment, growth type of stocks using fundamental and technical analysis.

Performed financial analysis of companies to determine investment potential, the analysis includes rate of earnings growth and cash flow. This also includes a strategic analysis of the company and industry the company exists in. I have experience in retail sales of investments with face to face contact with investors explaining risk and reward as well as NAV for mutual funds.

Author, Finance by GAC

I created,

Crawford Consulting, Chairman 1985-today
Financial, Strategic, MIS, and Marketing consulting to small businesses and research companies

Crawford Advertising, Chairman 1982-today
Landlord, Bed and Breakfast, 2005-present

Travel Consultant and Guide, North America and Europe 1976-present

Financial Consultant, Franklin Financial Services of American General 1995
Developed investment and insurance strategies for individuals and small businesses
Obtained series 7(scored  91%, when allowed to take the test) & 63 Securities licenses and life and health insurance license
was let go after my first sale, I was led to sell before my license was official, but based on experience, EVERYTHING IS 1 STEP AT A TIME - cleared and settled, one step/precedent at a time
'fight for a job' was spoken to me by a jr college degree ahead of me in the 'multi level-marketing skeem' I DO NOT FIGHT FOR JOBS, WITH COMPLETE INFERIORS FOR WHAT CRAP JOB? I PRO-ONLY

Health Care Promoter and Fitness Instructor, 1979-today

Owner- Manager, Video Corner, 1982-1989
A pioneer investor in the video movie rental industry. living family hell I worked at video corner because my money and lawyer? father were on it, to become a billionaire, every issue I experienced during and after video corner lasts forever- do not bug me fagits. PRIVATE VIDEO CORNER FAGITS My goal was to build a business, bigger than wal mart, and have more personal wealth than #1 on that list- Sam Walton, family hell etc. destroyed my motivation/4ever since. 

Golf Instructor, 1971-today
Model-Actor 1963-present
various crap retail jobs before high school diploma, and after masters, safeway, fw woolworths, wal mart, dillards, jones, wards. every issue I experienced working before high school diploma  lasts forever, FAGITS, fagits bug men, put their fagit nose in none of their fagit business, as fagits.
volunteer, habitat humanity, churches, Kauffman center for performing arts- 35 years of dealing with the public, punks, wanna be pretender snot offs, all kinds- nothings. punk scum liars in management, sales, and customers, all sides of the issues, police who are 'employees' steal things from the warehouse, and get away with it, punk old men mouthing off all around town, even after I quit working in the joke environment, thinking they are 'the boss' where ever they are? idiot punks scum jokes. 
Residential Real Estate Sales, 1989-2005, started at coldwell banker, owned by sears at the time, was put in 'the sleeper hold' from behind in a hidden contract room by another realtor, todd crm, who had asked me to help him with a contract, knocked out from behind in a chair with my coat and tie on. a few months later, a new broker was in the office, dave jnson, who made up crap to kick me out of 'his office' saying he never wanted me to get my 2 years in to be a broker. various similar crap at jc nichols, reece, until around 2005 when I tried to get a broker license and was denied, based on crap at stock broker offices, my father, and lost my sales license, the entire industry is crap/lies/fraud/set ups.
everything is crap based on my experience- the law/police/court/business license offices. thus my motivation starting at age 16.

· Perform Capital Budgeting
· Financial Analysis
· Investment Management
· Customer Service
· Management Skills

References available upon request
Purdue Kansas City Alumni
Oklahoma State Kansas City Alumni
Beta Theta Pi Alumni
Church volunteer

blackjack ace
youth adviser
karaoke award winner