Monday, October 26, 2015

I have learned from experience, as a kid growing up in my neighborhood, through high school and college, at jobs, before high school diploma and after my masters degree, as a land lord, home owner, I notice attitudes, profiles, games that certain types of persons play, a statistical correlation of such crap/crimes based on persons race, religion, education level, physical size/attributes, jobs, and I dislike a lot of persons based on their profile and my personal one on one experience. Respect gets respect, disrespect gets disrespect, issue/issue- actions get reactions.  My parents obviously were a major influence on my life/motivation, as most persons are.  Credibility, attitude motivation based on precedents, created chaos in my mind starting as a teen, with gossip about my father/mother and as an adult with real jail time for fiction such as trespassing at companies I owned, job license issues/procedure-disrespect, and then after my masters, the person claiming to be my father, Ivy league educated top lawyer in America, his mafia murder identity theft stories, from him, about him and others, complete chaos zero credibility for everything around such persons, including the law/court houses, professional license 'grantors' thus no one is any thing...... common sense, survival in a jungle that claims to be civilization, perhaps worse than a real jungle, because in a real jungle, common sense knows what to expect.
Entitlements, based on what reasons? valid? relevant?, credible? to receive positive rights or to get to do negative things? as some people justify with games- crap is crap.......... precedent of crap- last forever, cause reactions, on and on, snow balls, avalanches, crap does not change- once crap, always crap, deny past crap? just ignites more fires...... less and less credibility for all involved, past crap ignored? what ever...

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