Monday, October 26, 2015

I did go to OK ST. because of an engineering scholarship offer. I was smart in math and science, and had no idea what engineering was about. I did study engineering to take CHALLENGING classes. I did not study mechanical engineering because I like 'mechanical' things or to be an HVAC person. Maybe some other students did, or just wanted training in one special area to apply to a 'job' they had or family business, as some said. I did go to COLLEGE to become a college graduate, a 4 year Big 8 University in TOUGH classes. I always place a College degree above a high school diploma, or drop out- always based on my pre high school diploma experience- I classify every one as a flunk out of high school until proven otherwise, a nothing- as I was treated myself, pure minimum wage. Any person over 18 who says my degrees do not matter, is automatically nothing, zero credibility, and nothing I want to associate with, as a pro/money.
 I hate people who say ownership does not matter, disrespecting-  'common stock owners own the company'-my EASY A+, I hate people who just say stuff like that to me. I hate people who direspect the major issues I have encountered. I hate punks who dish it out, but do not take it back. Look a likes, gossips, murderers, identity theft, gossip of such from dead dad, his friends, frat brothers, engineering students I barely knew- and now know many were frauds and look a likes- with or with out their knowledge- to me. I hate punks who never had a contract with me, who bug me, act like anything is between 'us' based on their punk make believe land idiot heads. I hate punks, idiots, liars-experienced most of my 'pro' experience- every where, school, hood, jobs, the law, court, church, every where.

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